The Main Processes of Kopi Luwak

In general, the processes of producing kopi Luwak are similar with other coffees. The difference is in the process of natural fermentation of beans in the digestive tract of Luwak. Here are the main processes of kopi Luwak: Civets consume red coffee berries– Civets select and eat red coffee berries containing fruit and seed, but […]

Arabica and Robusta Coffee

Green (unroasted) coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. Until today, coffee is still one of the most popular beverages worldwide. There are a number of species of coffee plant cultivated in over 70 countries. Coffee plant species include Coffee Arabica (Arabica), Coffee Benghalensis, Coffee Canephora (Robusta), Coffee Excelsa, Coffee […]

Authentic Kopi Luwak

Because kopi Luwak is the most rare and unique coffee available in the world it can sometimes be of dubious authenticity. Many people want to know an information of how to identify between authentic kopi Luwak beans and ordinary coffee beans. The followings are some general characteristics of Authentic Kopi Luwak beans: (1) Usually, an […]